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Biblical Health Courses

As an ambassador of Biblical Wellness Ministry, I love to share the best teaching and resources offered by the team at Biblical Nutrition Academy. 

Come on over to the academy and see what all the excitement is about. 

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Sourdough Starter Tips

I love to bake bread and other delights. Sourdough bread is a tasty and healthy alternative that delights the senses and the gut. I have sourced a list of tips to help you get started baking with sourdough. 

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Things I love

There are so many ways to bless others. None more amazing than sharing the things that bless my heart.  The resources I share here I do from the heart and a few of these organizations bless me for sharing. 

Scroll down to see the list.

Things I love

Welcome to my list of Things I Love. This list is a long one because there are so many things that have blessed my family. I pray you will find a special blessing in these things too.

Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study

Treasures Book Bundle Image.png

This 13-Week study silences the noise of the modern world and its ideas about diets and health and turns eyes and hearts to the treasures God designed us for. 
Learn to live a biblically based nutritionally healthy life. Contact me to learn how to bring this study to your group or family.


Proverbs 31 Ministries offers a wide variety of online resources to meet the needs of women who are trying to align their lives with the truth of God's Word. Visit

The Chosen.webp

Aerogarden is as crazy about gardening as I am. That is why I have been growing with them for years. You, too, can learn all about AeroGarden their goal to have everyone experience the joy of growing and gardening in-home! Check out


Amare means 'to love' in Latin. Love is the universal language. Loving yourself is the first step to loving others well. Taking care of mental and physical health is the truest sign of self-love. Nurture the YOU that God created. 
Check out one of my favorite supplement brands today. 

Better way_edited.jpg

Unlock the power within your immune system.

Since 1999 Better Way Health has been dedicated to bringing evidence-based products and the best customer service. It's the Better Way. I love the products offered here and I am confident you will too.

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Author Carol Graham is the prayer coach for the Biblical Nutrition Academy Inner Circle. Her coaching, her digital course on prayer, and her books have helped to transform my prayer life and that of many others. 
Unlock the power of prayer 100% biblically. Get her book at


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