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About Me

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I'm Tina. I'm so glad to meet you!

I'm a daughter of the King, called, honored and blessed to be wife, mom, YiaYia (Grandmother in Greek), Great YiaYia, nurse, enthusiastic foodie, and an ambassador of Biblical wellness.


Having been blessed with the gift of bread making, baking and cooking, my happy places are my prayer room and my kitchen. sometimes the two are one and the same.

Who is Tina?

First and foremost, a woman on fire for Jesus, created and chosen by God to do good works and encourage others.

As a woman of God, I am blessed, honored, and called to be all He created me to be, to bring glory to His Name.

Wife to Deno - a match only God could create. With so much in common, it’s like we’re a jumbo puzzle with each piece fitting to make one. I mean, we were already one before we knew we were.

Mom to Tom, Maria, and Demetri - three beautiful people that God has entrusted to me to mother, love, and nurture in Him. Three sealings of His covenants with me, His signature on them.


And my cup overflows with His goodness as YiaYia to Caitland, Nicholas, Christopher and James and Great YiaYia to Landon. How blessed am I!

Retired Registered Nurse of 30 plus years, with multiple skill levels, including Medical Surgical, Gastroenterology, Conscious Sedation, Medical Review, School Nursing, and most of my career, my focus, my love, Cardiology. I love the heart. The Lord knew that when He put me there. Because He knows and fills my heart so I can fill others’ hearts with Jesus.

These are all my blessings, my missions.

As women, we wear many hats. But this woman wears one Crown. And that is the crown of the daughter of the Most High King, Jesus.


Walking daily with the Bread of Life, sharing, and growing together, in God’s love and promises for excellent health, spiritually and physically. According to His design, where it is always YES and AMEN in Christ.

Citrus Fruits

Things I Do

Biblical Wellness Ambassador

Research and Test Recipes

Offer Resources

I combine my experience as a nurse and what I have learned as a member of Biblical Nutrition Academy Inner Circle to share God's Recipe for Excellent Health. 

Explore these Resources HERE.

I love to cook. I also love to learn about the blessings foods bring to health and healing. I share that knowledge in my blogs and recipe collections.

Check out the Collection HERE.

As an ambassador to Biblical Wellness Ministry, I share teachings and other resources that bring health, hope and longevity by God's design. 

Come browse Resources HERE.

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