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Fear Not

In this season, as we celebrate the birth of Christ, our God and Savior, we recognize that although this is a joyous time, we live in a perilous era where fear can shoot its fiery darts of circumstance into our lives.

But our Lord, whose birth we celebrate, is the Light of the world, and has prepped and cleared the way for us to live as light in the darkness of the world He overcame.

Let’s take a short journey through the scriptures for some direction along this way He has cleared for us.

He has given us His Word, filled with His promises, where He tells us over and over, “Fear not.”

When you read His Written Word, Logos Word, you can hear His spoken Word, Rhema Word, written, read, and spoken in your heart.

You will know He has spoken in the garden of your heart where His Spirit dwells because ...




and YOUR EARS HEAR as His Spirit envelopes you with His signature hug.


So, let us not just read the words, “Fear Not.”

Let us approach the throne of God’s grace, in our spirit, and in full assurance of faith,

and hear His Rhema Word saying, “Fear not for I am with you.”

My prayer for you all in this blessed season and always is Ephesians 3:14-19. And for God’s blessings on you and your family now and forever in Christ.

Thanks for joining me today. I have a gift for you. Please click HERE for a free copy of my latest recipe posted, Koulouria. This sweet treat is sure to please during your holiday celebrations!

Have a blessed holiday season.

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